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Code of Conduct

RSS and District Codes of Conduct

We believe that our school is a safe, welcoming and inclusive place for learning and that everyone has the responsibility to demonstrate kindness, care and respect – for themselves, for all others (including those who seem most different from us), for our school and for both the local and global communities. At Richmond Secondary School, we believe that appropriate conduct is a shared responsibility among students, staff, and parents.   

Actions that are completely unacceptable at Richmond Secondary School include:
•  Making threats, spreading rumours or any form of bullying, in person or online, or using physical violence.
•  Being in possession of any type of weapon (real or replica).
•  Being under the influence or in possession of alcohol or drugs at school, near the school or at a school-related function.
•  Stealing or being involved in theft.
•  Willful disobedience to school staff members.
•  Causing a false fire alarm.
•  Causing willful damage to or using graffiti on school or personal property.   
•  Cheating/plagiarizing on exams, tests or assignments.
•  Being in possession of and/or igniting fireworks or causing a fire.
•  Using profane or offensive language towards staff or students. 

Also, the Richmond School District Code of Conduct applies at school and at school functions for all members of the Richmond Secondary School community - please see the poster attached below.