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Summary of Learning - June 27

The Summary of Learning (final report card) for each student will be published on MyEducation BC by 3 PM on Thursday, June 27.  Please note, any data viewed online before this date is draft only Parents and students can access their report by logging in to their MyEducation BC Portal account - please contact the school office if you need assistance. 

This year students have engaged in reflection and self-assessment of their learning in relation to the Core Competencies.  Students have uploaded their self-assessments on their SpacesEDU account.  Please have a conversation with your teen about these self-assessments from November, February, and April.

In addition, Graduation Status Update reports for grade 10-12 students will be available on MyEducation BC.  CLICK HERE for more information.

MyEducation BC navigation tips can be found here:

Updated: Sunday, July 7, 2024