Remembrance Day Ceremonies

Our school will host Remembrance Day Ceremonies on Thursday, November 10.  At RHS, students and staff normally "dress their best" on this day as a gesture of respect for the sacrifices of millions of Canadians, to honour those who gave their lives for Canada and for those who continue to serve.  Students will receive a poppy on this day and are asked to give a small donation if they are able.  Donations will be actively accepted during our Poppy Drive Campaign on November 7-8-9-10.  All funds collected go to assisting veterans and their families when they are in need - read more at:

Our Remembrance Day assemblies are always classy, dignified and student-led opportunities for our whole school community to take a moment to reflect.  Parents are welcome to attend, but are asked to phone the school to RSVP, so that we can be sure to have space.

  • First Ceremony - 9:35 AM
  • Second Ceremony - 10:50 AM

We also encourage all RHS families to take a moment on November 11 to honour the sacrifices made by others that allow us to live as freely as we do in our safe country.  Lest We Forget

Updated: Sunday, November 6, 2022