Program Planning & Course Selection

    Richmond Secondary School    
Program Planning Guide
This section of our school website is intended to give students and parents an overview of the many courses and programs offered at Richmond Secondary School. We offer a wide range of Ministry of Education courses, unique district programs, locally-developed course options as well as the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.  Please use the separate links below or on the website, under Students - Program Planning for more detailed course information from each department.
Before You Start                                                    Modern Languages
Arts Education Courses                                         Physical and Health Education
Business & ICT Courses (ADST)                              Science
Career Life                                                             Social Studies
English                                                                  Technology Education (ADST)
English Language Learning (ELL)                            *Special Programs & Unique Courses
Home Economics (ADST)                                        *Online Courses or Distributed Learning
Learning Services                                                   I.B. Diploma Overview
Mathematics                                                          B.C. Graduation Requirements
Please note, students' personalized and completed Program Planning forms must be signed by parents and are due in the office by 3 PM on Wednesday, February 10.  Course selections must also be entered online by this date.  Please see the attachment below for instructions.
Students are encouraged to read the online RHS course descriptions, ask current teachers, parents, classmates and counsellors about courses and think carefully before selecting courses for next year. Remember, we are here to help!  Older students are responsible to see that the necessary prerequisites are taken for the post-secondary institution(s) of their choice.  Choose thoughtfully - you are planning your timetable for next year and taking important first steps on your post-secondary pathway!  
For more information on the I.B. Diploma Programme offered at RHS for Grades 11 and 12 students, click on: