Student & Parent Help

During these extraordinary times, Richmond Secondary School understands that learning from home will be a new experience for students and families. Please know that this is also a new way of teaching and connecting with students for our teachers. We anticipate that there may be some challenges and students and families will need help. The purpose of this new section on our school website is to provide helpful tips and links to support students and families.

All teachers and staff want our students to feel connected to RHS and to be engaged in meaningful learning activities. We do not want to add stress to your lives. If students or parents are feeling overwhelmed, please email your teachers or contact principal Ms. Anita Kwon or vice principals Mr. John Blair or Mr. Matt Winograd - we are here to help. All staff email contacts are listed on this website under ABOUT US - Our Staff.

Learning from home is not expected to be a replacement for going to school. Students and families have many other issues and concerns in their lives at this time and, as a guideline, all RHS teachers have agreed that our students should be engaging in "school work" for 15 hours per week, or about 3 hours per school day. This will allow time for students to also engage in creative activities such as crafts, or playing their instrument, planning meals and cooking or baking, exercising, reading for pleasure, listening to music, playing games and doing chores and helping around your home.  These are all important learning activities too.  

This new feature of our RHS website contains two subsections - Parent Information and Student Information - with helpful information and links in both.

We will get through this together and we want all RHS students to feel supported.