Grade 8s in September of 2021

We always look forward to meeting and welcoming current Grade 7s to our school - the RHS Grad Class of 2026! We understand that the transition from elementary school to high school can be an exciting and anxious time for students and families and we are dedicated to making this change as welcoming and successful as possible for our future students.  We hosted a Grade 7 Parent Information Webinar on Wednesday, February 10, 2021 at 6:00 PM in the school theatre.  Our annual Grade 7 Welcome Day has been adapted and will be held virtually on Friday, May 7.  Each of our incoming students will will receive our 17-page "Welcome to Grade 8" information booklet and our Grade 8 Camp 2021 Registration Form. 

We are still planning to host our 6th annual Grade 8 Camp and Sleep-Over in September. RHS staff and Grades 11-12 student-leaders are organizing another great, safe and fun event to welcome Grade 8s (the RHS Grad Class of 2026).  (While we remain optimistic that the Grade 8 Camp will proceed as planned, we recognize and are prepared to make modifications in response to COVID-19 and host a revised and adapted version of our Mini-Camp in September of 2021.).  All parents are urged to complete the registration form and cheque for $60 and submit it to the school office by June 11, 2021.

If parents have any questions about Grade 8, about Grade 8 Camp or about RHS in general, please contact our principal Ms. Kwon.