Parent's Guide to Emergency Preparedness

The Richmond Board of Education has as its highest priority the safety of students and staff, and upholds the duty of care that is expected from our school community.  The district is responsible for ensuring that emergency management protocols are established, practiced and activated as required by provincial legislation and regulations. 

Being ready to address different scenarios in collaboration with first responders and relevant community agencies takes considerable preparation on the part of school and district staff.  The district engages with an ongoing emergency management cycle in order to provide thoughtful and effective emergency response to our schools.  Each school has staff trained in how to manage situations that may arise, and are supported by district-based personnel. 

The attached document below is intended to familiarize parents with district emergency management protocols. A critical incident, disaster, or emergency is unpredictable and depending on the nature of the event, can have significant negative impact on those affected. Schools are places where emergency management protocols are critically important to the well-being of students and staff and to the confidence that parents and guardians have in entrusting their children to our care.

Updated: Thursday, September 22, 2022