Mental Health Week

Richmond Secondary School and the Richmond School District are joining the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) in observing Mental Health Week from May 3-9.  The primary goal of the week is to promote mental health because "mental health is something we can promote and protect, not just something we can lose."  As we find ourselves in a time of unprecedented stress and anxiety related to COVID-19, this is an important and relevant week for all of us. 

Get Ready to #GetReal about how you feel.

CMHA's theme for this year's Mental Health Week is understanding our emotions.  Everyone is encouraged to name, express, and deal with their emotions (even when they are uncomfortable).  Recognizing, labeling, and accepting our feelings are all a part of protecting and promoting good mental health for everyone. 

The RHS Colt Ambassadors are conducting a virtual poster campaign to help celebrate, educate, and promote mental health.  Digital posters will be posted daily on the school's Twitter and Instagram @RichmondColts as well as on the digital signage around the school.

Visit for more on CMHA's Mental Health Week.