Q3 Report Cards - April 30

A reminder to parents and legal guardians that Quarter 3 Final Report Cards will be published online on the MyEducation BC Portal by 3:00 PM on Friday, April 30.  Please note, any data viewed online before this date is draft only.  

We encourage parents to sit down with their teen and review this final report looking at it in its entirety.  Pay attention to learning achievement and work habits letter grades as well as attendance and the teachers' comments.  Celebrate the successes and discuss student plans for areas that may need some continued growth and improvement.  If you have questions, phone the school or email teachers directly.  (RHS teacher email contact is included on the school website under About Us > Our Staff).

Step-by-step instructions for logging on to the MyEducation BC Portal are located in the link below.  If parents need help, please phone the school at 604-668-6400.