Grades 8-11 Service Hours - Due May 25

Service hours are contributed by RHS students who volunteer their time to the school because the intended outcome will make our school a better place for others and are not part of a course requirement. Hours spent on Student Council, Grad Committee, Colt Ambassadors, leading or participating in a volunteer service club, managing a Colts team, working backstage in the theatre, serving as a student-leader at Grade 8 Camp, on a Student Focus Group or helping to organize special events, fundraising or campaigns to raise awareness with a school club, are just a few examples of service to RHS.  Each school year, students who contribute 30 or more hours will be recognized with a "Service Award" while students who contribute 90 or more hours will receive a "Major Service Award" at the awards grade assemblies in June.  Please note, if you had made arrangements with your sponsor teacher to help organize or volunteer at an event planned and scheduled after April 1 that was cancelled by the pandemic (e.g. Grade 7 Hot Dog Day, the fashion show, the spring play, the Colts Athletic Banquet, the Colt Carnival, Green Team clean-up, etc.) and your sponsor teacher supports this, you may include these hours on your form for this year.

Sponsor teachers will be consulted; however, students will self-report their service hours and do not need a teacher/staff signature this year. Please note, we have extended the deadline to Monday, May 25 at 3pm.

Please complete your form digitally using this form: