The upcoming weather forecast includes snow and this always makes students and parents wonder if school will be closed?  Parents and students are reminded that our SCHOOL WILL BE OPEN, unless it is officially closed by the Richmond School District. If it is snowing, please do not phone the school – listen to the radio (e.g. on the AM dial: 690, 980 or 1130) and check the RHS and SD38 websites for updates.  Both the RHS and District Twitter accounts will also post updates - the District will attempt to make a decision by 6:30AM.

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Important reminders for students and pedestrians during winter weather:

1. Dress warmly and in layers. Boots, gloves and a toque are all recommended.

2. Get out of bed and leave earlier than usual to allow more time to walk to school in snowy and icy conditions.

3. Always use cross-walks to cross busy streets.

4. Make eye contact with drivers. Do they see you? Can they stop in time? It gets dark earlier - always assume drivers do not see you!

5. Do not play in the snow or throw snowballs near buildings, roads or parking lots. Playing in the snow is fun - go to an open field - be safe!

Some important driving reminders during winter weather:

1. Be sure your vehicle has appropriate tires (M+S or Snow) and you have cleared all snow and ice from all of your windows, front and rear lights, mirrors and roof, before you depart.

2. Depart earlier, so that you build in time for poor driving conditions and possible traffic delays.

3. Drive more slowly and leave more room between you and the car in front of you.

4. Plan your route and avoid hills, if possible.

5. If you are not comfortable driving in snowy conditions, take public transit.