I.B. Diploma Programme Info December 4 at 6:30pm

The Richmond School District's I.B. Diploma Programme is a challenging, balanced and internationally recognized two-year program of studies open to all students in Richmond. If you are currently in Grade 10 and a curious, thoughtful and dedicated learner, you and your parents are welcome to attend an information evening on Wednesday, December 4 at 6:30pm in the school theatre at Richmond Secondary School. You will learn more about all of the elements of the diploma program, the learner profile of I.B. students and the opportunities for learning, both in high school and in university.

Learn more about the I.B. Diploma Programme at Richmond Secondary School here: 


Interested students are also welcome to contact the I.B. Coordinator, Mr. Miller at: dmiller@sd38.bc.ca

Read the attached poster on 'benefits of an IB Diploma':