Graduation Assessments (GNA & GLA))

There are new provincial assessments that all students will be required to write as required components of graduation. The GRADUATION NUMERACY ASSESSMENT (GNA) and in the near future, two versions of the GRADUATION LITERACY ASSESSEMENT (GLA) - one in Grade 10 and one in Grade 12. 

RHS students in Grade 10 and Grade 11 first wrote the GNA in June of 2018. Current Grade 10s will write the GNA exam this January 2020. Students currently in Grade 11 who need to write or re-write the GNA must register in the office with Mr. Blair.  The Graduation Literacy Assessment or GLA is scheduled to be in place in April of 2020 for current Grade 10 students.  

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Numeracy is the willingness and perseverance to interpret and apply mathematical understanding to solve problems in contextualized situations, and to analyze and communicate these solutions in ways relevant to the given context.

The new Numeracy Assessment is not a typical “math test” and will include 24 common questions and a student choice section (answer 2 of 4). The questions will be context placed problems that students will read, think about and present a solution.  The GNA measures 5 numeracy processes, including students’ abilities to INTERPRET, APPLY, SOLVE, ANALYZE and COMMUNICATE solutions. The GNA be not be attached to any course, but reported separately on each student’s official Transcript using a 4-point scale –

1. Emerging   2. Developing   3. Proficient   4. Extending

Students can score a 0 for not attempting to answer questions and must score at least 1 to graduate. If desired, students will be allowed to rewrite the GNA two times over their high school years (3 total attempts).

For more information and to try a practice GNA, please explore the link below:


GLA 10 (Note, information on GLA 12 is not yet published)

Literacy is the ability to critically analyze and make meaning from diverse texts and to communicate and express oneself in a variety of modes and for a variety of purposes in relevant contexts. 

Students will demonstrate their learning through two key tasks on the Grade 10 Graduation Literacy Assessment: Analyzing and Making Meaning from Texts (Comprehend) and Communicating Understanding of Texts/Making Personal Connections (Communicate). For example, in Part A, after responding to a number of texts related to the essential question, students will respond to a writing prompt, such as, “To what extent do humans have control over the natural world?” Students will be asked to communicate their depth of insight into, or understanding of, the topic. They will support their argument with reference to the texts in the section and may also draw upon their own experiences and knowledge

Find out more, including a sample GLA 10 Assessment at: