We began this process by reviewing the I.B. Learner Profile with a group of graduating IB Diploma students in late June 2017. These students discussed each of the ten attributes, identified the ones they felt were most important for their future and how they have grown as people and as learners in each area. The students were also asked for suggestions on what were the key attributes for all students at RHS.  At various times in 2016-2017, our staff discussed our purpose as educators and what we want for each of our students when they leave our classrooms and our school. Staff will be continuing to discuss, articulate and define the competencies we want for all students and this will be part of the focus of our staff retreat on September 21 and 22. Throughout the fall, we will work with groups of students, staff and parents to further explore the attributes of a 21st century learner that we hope for all students. As part of the implementation on B.C.'s new curriculum, we have core competency posters in every classroom and in other areas of the school as we continue to teach and design learning around these competencies in all curricular areas.  We are committed to supporting students' in their understanding, reflection and self-assessment of their communication, creative and critical thinking and personal and social competencies.

We hope to create visual displays or poster(s) of the RHS Learner Profile and include this in every classroom and this should serve as an "umbrella" for all that we do in our classrooms and school. Teachers will continue to “notice, name and nurture” these attributes in their teaching and in student learning. Ideally, students will be able to identify and describe the attributes and competencies on the RHS Learner Profile when reflecting on and describing their learning.