Pink Day on February 28

RHS students and staff are encouraged to wear pink on February 28 and join thousands across B.C. in a symbolic celebration of inclusion.  Originally started in 2007 in Nova Scotia by two students after hearing that a younger schoolmate was picked on for wearing a pink polo shirt.  They purchased 50 pink shirts at a local discount store and spread the word online, hoping for a “sea of pink” and the response at school the next day was overwhelming. The awareness movement has grown in popularity and in 2012 the U.N. declared a day in May as “Anti-Bullying Day”. 

Richmond Secondary School students are always encouraged to act with kindness, care and respect in their interactions with all people, every day.  Our Colt Ambassadors and Gay-Straight Alliance clubs will be organizing a celebration of kindness on this day and we hope the school will be a sea of pink on February 28 to show our support for this important ideal.