Collaboration Days September 20 and 21

Collaboration Days are scheduled eight (8) times during the school year and this is time when staff can work together to discuss and make plans intended to improve student engagement and learning. Students are welcome at the school during collaboration time and can work independently or meet with classmates to work collaboratively on a project or to study together. Students may also sleep in on these days. Collaboration days are included on the school calendar and will be on September 20, September 21, October 18, November 29, January 23, February 28, April 24 and May 30.  First class begins at 9:50am on Collab Days.  Please note, on one day only (September 21), we are running a 'reverse Collab Day" and school will begin at the normal time of 8:30am, but students will be dismissed at 1:25pm and Collab time will be from 1:30 to 2:45pm.