Revised School June Calendar

We have revised several dates on our Richmond Secondary School June calendar. Please note that students will attend regular classes to the end of the day on Friday, June 23.  On Friday, June 23 the English 12 Provincial Exam will be held in the morning (Grade 12 classes are cancelled) while Grades 8-11 students attend class in the morning. We will also host awards assemblies for Grades 10 and 11 students in the morning on June 23.  

On Monday, June 26, we will host awards assemblies for Grades 8 and 9 students. Grade 8s will go to homeroom at 9:45am and Grade 9s will go to homeroom at 10:45am.  Grades 10-11-12 students will attend homeroom at 11:45am to receive their yearbook.  The Colt Carnival will be held in the afternoon on June 26, after homeroom.  The Colt Carnival is open to all RHS students and staff only.

June 27 and 28 are Learning Completion Days and all teachers will be available to students on a set schedule throughout the day.  Students may be required to attend to complete work, engage in a reflection interview or as required by their teacher(s).

June 29 all students will attend homeroom at 10am to receive their report card. Please note, we are not mailing report cards home, so students must attend to receive their final report card.  The 2017 graduation Dinner & Dance and Dry After Grad will occur in the evening of this day.

Please see the updated calendar attached below.