Refugee Awareness Week

Our Student Council is sponsoring REFUGEE AWARENESS WEEK from April 24-28.  In 2017, there are over 65 million people in the world who have been forcibly displaced from their homes and over 21 million refugees.  Of the refugees, more than half are under the age of 18 and milllions of people are seeking a safe place to live, often taking great risks to find passage to a better place to live. Refugee camps are often without adequate medical services, shelter, food and warm clothing. Seeking asylum is a human right.

On Wednesday, April 26 we are hosting three guests, Nour Enayeh, a volunteer with the Muslim Association of Canada and Mohammed and Nour, a couple who have fled the civil war in Syria as refugees and made their way to Canada recently. Our guests will speak to an assembly in 2-4 on April 26 and all students are welcome to donate, if they are able, in their 1-2 class on April 27 and at lunch all week (April 24-28), to support the UN humanitarian (UNHCR) work in Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia and the work they do in 125 countries.


Some facts about Syria:

It has been five years since the onset of the civil war in Syria and there is no end in sight. The al-Assad family has ruled since 1970 and the turmoil began after harsh crackdowns on civilian demonstrators in 2011. The governing regime's campaign against their own citizens has been brutal and over 400,000 Syrians have been killed.  In just the past few months intense fighting has taken a high toll on civilians across the city of Aleppo, which prior to Syria’s conflict was the country’s largest city and commercial hub. With no effective ceasefire in place, men women and children are fleeing, telling harrowing stories of weeks of bombardment, and shortages of food, medical care and fuel for heating. Ongoing fighting has seen a surge in people fleeing the country in the last few months, with refugee numbers now reaching over 5 million and 6.3 million have been displaced internally.

Find out more about the United Nations Refugee Assistance Program: