RHS Terry Fox Run September 29

We are looking forward to participating in the RHS Terry Fox Run on the national "school run day" on Thursday, September 29.  This wonderful Richmond Secondary School tradition will include an alternate bell schedule and involve the entire school running, jogging or walking through a marked route in Minoru Park to recognize the tremendously uplifting accomplishments of Canadian hero Terry Fox. All members of our community are asked to make a small donation in class the week of the event or to one of the PE Leadership students who are organizing the event. All proceeds will go to the Terry Fox Foundation to support cancer research - learn more by contacting teacher Ms. Tanya Kippan at the school or check out: http://www.terryfox.org

The bell schedule for September 29:


PERIOD 1 8:30 – 9:28 

PERIOD 2 9:35 – 10:43 (Review info in last 10 min) 

TERRY FOX RUN 10:43 – 12:00 

LUNCH 12:00 – 12:44 

PERIOD 3 12:44 – 1:42 

PERIOD 4 1:47 – 2:45