Collaboration Time September 19 and 20

Monday and Tuesday, September 19 and 20 are the first two of 8 Collaboration Days scheduled this school year.  Collab Days are designed for school staff to have dedicated time to work with other educators to collaborate on strategies, cross-disciplinary activities and innovative practices to better support and engage students in their learning.  Collab Time goes from 8:30am to 9:45am and first class begins at 9:50am and we have an alternate bell schedule on these days. Students are welcome to come to the lounge and table areas to work on projects, study in groups or independently or stay home and sleep a little longer on these days.


8:30-9:45am - Collaboration Time

9:50-10:50am - First class

10:55–11:55am - Second class 

11:55-12:40pm - LUNCH

12:40-1:40pm - Third class

1:45-2:45pm - Fourth class