First Week - September 6 to September 9

We are excited to welcome all of our incoming Grade 8s and any new students to Richmond Secondary School and we welcome all returning Colts back to RHS, especially our 2017 Grads - have a great year!

All students will attend school for approximately 2 hours on Tuesday, September 6 - please bring a pen. Students will go to homeroom where they will receive their timetable, locker, agenda booklet, an RSS calendar and some information and forms.  Homeroom will followed by an assembly for Grades 8-11 students.  Please complete and bring any forms you received in the mail during the last week of August. 

REST OF THE FIRST WEEK -  students will report to their homeroom first every day for the first week only - please complete and return all school forms and pay your school fees this week - their are marked boxes by the office.  Please note, Grade 12s are asked to pay fees to Ms. Campos directly. After homeroom, students will go to class, beginning with Day 1 - 1234 on September 7, then Day 2 - 1234 on September 8 and Day 1 again on September 9 - 1234.  We recommend that students bring a pen and a binder with some paper to their first time in each class, until they meet with their teachers and learn more about their courses and any supplies that may be needed.  We will have a Grade 12 assembly at 12:15pm and hotdog lunch on Friday, September 9 - students will be called from their 1-3 class.