Student Vote

Student Vote is an initiative that encourages students all across Canada to participate in simulated voting experiences during Provincial and Federal Elections.  With voter turnout declining across Canada (61% in the 2011 Federal Election and only 38.8% of eligible 18-24 year olds voted), this program allows students to engage in democracy by taking on the roles of deputy returning officers and poll clerks and organizing a vote using authentic election materials.  Identical to the official election process, Richmond Secondary students have the opportunity to vote for one of the four Richmond Centre candidates running in our local riding on October 15 and 16.  While they will not "count", the ballots will be tallied by each school and Student Vote results are released publicly on election night and shared with the media for broadcast and publication.   Learn more at:

All Richmond Secondary School students can vote in the school library.  Bring your Go-Card and vote!