Student Safety

All students at Richmond Secondary School were made aware of an incident that occurred before school on September 29 at another high school in Richmond.  A female student was physically confronted by an unknown adult male.  She walked away from the man and safely entered her school and the RCMP were contacted.  The safety of all who work and learn at Richmond Secondary School is very important to us and we ask parents to read the section on "Student Safety" published on page 5 of our September newsletter.  It is important to spend some time discussing the following reminders with your daughters and sons: Teens should always communicate with their parents about where they are going, whom they will be with and what time they are expected. Whenever possible, teens should walk or travel with friends or in a group. Be cautious around strange vehicles, groups or adults you do not know. Always phone for a ride if you will be studying or working later than expected. If you have concerns or spot suspicious people or vehicles, especially when travelling to and from school, talk to your parents and report it to the school immediately.  Trust your instincts and be wise and be safe.