Communicating & Reporting Student Learning

We have had to modify our communicating and reporting student learning procedures to align with the Semester system schedule that all Richmond secondary schools have adopted and are following this school year.  We are committed to ensuring that students receive regular feedback on their progress and that parents are informed about their child's progress.  In each semester, students and parents can expect the following informal and formal communication and reporting to occur:

     •    Meet the Teacher
     •    Interim Report (Learning Update)
     •    Mid-Semester Report Card
     •    Parent-Teacher Conferencing
     •    Alert Interim
     •    Final Report Card

Please refer to the attached document for detailed information on each of the above. Note, teachers may send an interim report, phone, or email home at other times through a semester term. 

Parents are welcome to contact the school at any time to communicate with a teacher about their teen's progress and all teachers' email addresses are located on the school website under ABOUT US > OUR STAFF.