Meet the Teachers - Sept 22

Meet the Teacher is a valued tradition and important event for both parents and teachers.  This event is an excellent opportunity for parents to establish a strong working relationship with their child's teachers which makes for a smooth and successful semester.  Parents will meet their child's teachers, gain an understanding of the learning that their child will engage in, and learn how they can support their child's learning.  For this first semester, we have modified how we deliver this important event, and instead of an in-person affair, teachers will use an alternate format to share their information with parents.  Teachers will provide either an Email Introduction, or Video Introduction, or Live Introduction.

Meet the Teacher activities are scheduled to take place remotely on the evening of Wednesday, September 22.  Parents will receive an email from their child's teachers on Wednesday, September 22 providing them with details on their Meet the Teacher format.  Please see the attachment below for our Meet the Teacher Directory.   

We are looking forward to connecting with parents on Wednesday, September 22!