Daily Health Check & Reminders

Before coming to school, parents and students need to perform the Mandatory Daily Health Declaration (see attachment) and if your child answers “YES” to any of the questions, this will prevent him/her from entering the school effective immediately.

Reminders for when students are at school:

  • Enter and exit the building using the doors closest to their classroom.
  • Upon arrival at school, sanitize or wash their hands.
  • Use outside pathways wherever possible to transition between classes.
  • Avoid crowding at lockers and in hallways.
  • Avoid crowding and spread out wherever possible.
  • Eat lunch in classrooms or at hallway lunch tables or in the MP.
  • Food and drinks should not be shared.


A reminder to parents/guardians that if you need to visit the school, please book an appointment through the school office by calling 604-668-6400.

What to Do if you have COVID-19 Symptoms or Test Positive or Are a Close Contact:
Updated February 2, 2022:  Please see the attached flowchart for guidance on what action you need to take.