Supporting Teens at Home

5 Heart-Mind Online Resources to Support Teens at Home

The current climate of physical distancing and isolation, while being confined closer to home, can be particularly challenging for the teenagers in our lives. Balancing their need for independence and bonding with their peers, with their need for stability, guidance, and support from the adults in their lives can be a precarious task. Meanwhile, spending condensed periods of time together within the home can be testing to family relationships. Learn about ways to support teens through the following Heart-Mind Online Resources:

1. How to Increase a Teenager's Happiness
    Discover how "self-directedness" contributes to happiness in adolescence, and how best to nurture this quality.

2. A teenager meditate? Are you kidding?
    Explore how to make the practices of mindfulness and meditation more accessible to teens, in order to help them reduce stress and increase self-awareness.

3. Teenagers need Love AND Space
  Navigate the delicate balance between being present and emotionally available for teens, while respecting their need for independence.

4. Tips to Stay Involved with Youth Online Communication
This resource offers tips on how to help teenagers safely and confidently navigate online spaces.

5. What's fun for your teen? Do that!
Discover how to strengthen your relationship with your teen(s) through finding common ground in their interests.