Meet Teachers September 19

We will host our Meet the Teacher evening on Thursday, September 19. Parents are asked to go to the gym by 6:30pm where they will be welcomed by our principal. From 6:50pm to 8:00pm, parents will be free to walk about the school at their own pace and meet with teachers. Teachers will be wearing name tags and be organized by department (e.g. Science teachers, English teachers, Math teachers, etc.) and be available to meet parents and describe what students will be learning this year. Please keep in mind that it is early in the school year, and the purpose of the evening is to allow parents to tour the school and meet their teen's teachers. It is not intended for one-on-one conversations about student progress. 

Students will bring home a copy of their timetable, a school map and the locations of teachers on September 18. We will have Colt Ambassador students located around the school to serve as guides and help parents find their way.

We look forward to meeting lots of parents on Thursday, September 19 at 6:30pm in the gym!