First Day - Tuesday, September 3

We are looking forward to welcoming all of our new students as well as reconnecting with our returning Colts on Tuesday, September 3! Please note, students will be in attendance for approximately two hours on September 3, but it is an important first day. Students will receive their timetable, locker, an RHS planner and several key forms and documents. As a school, we will confirm our enrollment on this day.  

Please note the following times and details:



GRADE 8s   8:45am   Go directly to the large gym.

GRADES 9 & 10   11:00am   Go directly to homeroom.

GRADES 11 & 12   1:00pm   Go directly to homeroom.

Homeroom lists will be posted on the art room windows, adjacent to the front door of the school, by 4pm on Friday, August 30. Students in Grade 8, Grades 9 and 10 and Grade 11 will attend welcoming assemblies after homeroom on opening day. Grade 12s will attend an opening assembly on Friday, September 6. Students are encouraged to bring a pen on the first day of school. We will begin every day in the first week with a short homeroom - be sure to bring completed forms and student fee payments to homeroom in the opening week. Our first day of regular classes will be on Wednesday, September 4 - Day 1 - 1234.

Enjoy the long weekend and we look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday, September 3.

Go Colts!