Valedictory Ceremony Write-Up

As each graduating student walks across the stage at the Valedictory Ceremony on Saturday, June 8, 2019 a short, 30-word summary will be read. This personal message can be written by students themselves, or by family members on behalf of students. Please keep the write-ups at 30 words maximum (they will be edited) and keep them classy. 


Sarah enjoyed life at RHS and thanks her teachers, friends and family for their love and support. She's excited to go to UBC and become an architect in the future.

Jason would like to thank his Mom and his family for all their support. He plans to work and travel for two years while writing the next great Canadian novel.


Use the link below to submit your write-up. This must be completed before Thursday, April 18.  If you miss the deadline, we will write your summary for you.