School Photo Day September 12

Richmond Secondary School works with a professional photography company (Artona) for student photos and formal graduation portraits. Student photos are used for the free photo I.D. or Go-Card all students receive and parents have the option of going online to buy packages of photos if they choose.

Formal graduation photos will be taken in a mobile studio at the school from February 11 to 22, 2019.  All 2019 Grads must go online and book their photo sitting. This photo is used on the formal graduation composite that will hang in the school hallways and each grad will receive a copy of this composite photo at the Valedictory ceremony. Students pay a deposit and families can order photo packages, but this is refundable if parents choose not to buy photos. If grads do not have their photo taken, their name and image will not be included in the graduation composite.

School Photo Day is Wednesday September 12

Graduation Photos are February 11 to 22: