Welcome Grade 7 Students and Families

We are looking forward to meeting Grade 7 students and families interested in attending Richmond Secondary School on the evening of Wednesday, February 7 in the RHS Theatre at 6:30pm. Our future Colts will have a chance to see the school, meet the principal and vice principals, counsellors and learn a little about what “life in high school” will be like next September.  We have planned many activities for our “grads of 2023” as we want to make their transition to high school as smooth and successful as possible. The next events will include our counsellors visiting students at our family of feeder elementary schools in February, the Grade 7 basketball tournament or Colt Country Classic on March 12 and 13 and our annual Grade 7 Hot Dog Fun Day on May 11.  We also look forward to hosting our annual Grade 8 Mini-Camp and Sleep-Over in September.  Grade 7s represent our future and we are thrilled to welcome you to Richmond Secondary School – home of the Colts!

Grade 7 parents are invited to bookmark our website, follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook - see the links on the top left side of the school website homepage.