Program Planning 2018-2019

All RHS students in Grades 8-11 will begin the process of selecting their courses for next year on January 30. On this day students will attend a grade-wide assembly hosted by our counsellors and hear an overview of course and program options, post-secondary prerequisites and choices they have for next year. Students will receive an individualized Program Planning form in a homeroom at the end of the day on January 30. Students can then explore the online Program Planning guide, ask questions of counsellors and current teachers and complete their form.  Parents are required to read and sign their teen's 2018-2019 Program Planning form and these forms are due in the office by February 7.

Please note that our timetable and staffing for next year will be driven by student enrollment and course selections. Students are urged to choose courses, including "alternative courses" wisely as course changes are not always possible in September.  Alternative courses will be used if other choices do not run due to low enrollment or there is a course conflict in an student's individual timetable. Students will get a chance to confirm their course selections later in the spring.

Parents interested in learning more can read the online Program Planning guide or attend an information session on February 1 at 6pm in the library.

Take the time now to plan for your future success!

Note - any Grade 12-aged students hoping to return to RHS in September must meet with their counsellor to discuss program options.